In what are the ways does the cataract surgeons can help you?

The cataract surgery is the procedure that is used for removing the lens from your eyes. In most cases it has been replaced up with the artificial lens. The cataract would cause your lens to become cloudier that would eventually affect your visions. The cataract surgeons will help you to come out from this problem. 

The cataract surgery is mainly used for treating the cataracts problems which cause the blurry visions that increase glare from the light. The doctor would suggest you the cataract problem as like the age related macular degeneration problems.

The surgery risk would includes the following list of problems

  • As like the inflammation and infection problems.
  • Find bleeding and the swelling problems in your eyes.
  • Drooping up the eyelids and dislocation of the artificial lens.
  • Find problem in the retinal detachments.

The other type of problem includes the Glaucoma, loss of your vision and secondary cataracts this entire problem would really worry you.

Different types of the cataract surgery

Mainly there are two different types of the cataract surgery are followed and they are as follows

Type 1: Small incision cataract surgery and this would involve up making up the incision at the side of the cornea. During this type of procedures this surgeon would removes up the cataract it would leaves the most of thin outer membrane.

Type 2: The extra capsular surgery it would requires a somewhat larger type of the incision that is in the cornea which would allow the lens core to be removed up in one piece. This approach would be used if the cataract has advanced to the point where the phacoemulsification could not break up the clouded lens. Through this type of incisions the cataract surgeonwould open the lens capsule and in that he would remove the central portions of the lens and there leaves up the capsule in the place.

The intraocular lens would come with the three different basic forms as like the monofocal, toric that are also known as the astigmatic and multifocal lens.

  • The monofical lenses it considered as the most common implanted lenses and they would have some power in the areas of the lens which can be fixed for changing in the focus length. The fixed focus monofocal IOL could provide the excellent distant visions but it is a fixed one when you are reading there you have to make use of the reading glass.
  • The toric would have the astigmatism correction and they can be used for the patients who would have a lot of different astigmatism that you want to reduce it.
  • The multifocal lenses are like the eyeglasses that powers up the different areas and it would make you to have a clear vision.

Even after you face those kinds of the different problems there you don’t want to sit and worry instead of that you can check your eyes with the best eye doctor. In case when you are in eye problem then the cataract surgeon can able to rectify those problems through simple operations.