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The Modish Trends of Agriculture and Technology

Today’s agriculture is spearheaded by continual advancements in digital technology and data as well as alliances among agriculturists and researchers across the government and private sectors. Green Revolutions across the world helped economies achieve self-sufficiency in the production of food grains, as a result of using modern methods of farming with better quality seeds, chemical fertilizers, proper irrigation, and pesticides to aid the farmers.

With passing decades, agriculture saw new technological advances. The tractor was introduced, trailed by new culturing and reaping equipment, water irrigation, and air seeding technology, all prompting more significant returns and improved nature of the crops and fiber that was produced.

It became possible for farmers to utilize research data and technology to improvise crop yields and maintain them in close proximities with cutting edge techniques of farming. Just click here and read about the role of technology in agriculture on the USDA’s website.

Contemporary Technology to Refine Agriculture

Here are some of the contemporary technologies available:

  • Controlling and monitoring irrigation using a Smartphone.
  • Ultrasounds for domesticated animals.
  • Surveillance cameras and mobile technology.
  • Sensors for the cultivated crops.

Mobile technology plays a vital role in controlling and monitoring cultivation irrigation systems. With modern technology at the helm, farmers can manage irrigation systems using gadgets instead of physically present in the field. Moisture sensors transmit data about the levels of moisture at specific depths of the soil. Ultrasound can determine the quality of the livestock before it goes to the market, and of course, can determine the well-being of the new generation in the womb. DNA testing identifies animals having excellent pedigrees and other prudent qualities. Other data can also be utilized to help the agriculturist to improve the standard of the livestock.

The Thought Behind Modern Agriculture You can read what Britannica has to say about agricultural technology. Nearly everybody working on the improvement of modern agriculture is focused on logicality. An array of technologies is likely to enable the transformation of modern agriculture in the arena. Exclusive technologies should be developed specifically for farming, while technologies already present for other fields could be improvised to the present agricultural domain like that of autonomous vehicles, machine vision, and artificial intelligence. If new-age farming is applied widely soon, countless farmers will be able to gain from the accession of real-time information.

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